About The Mayhem

Name: Daniel Waters (D.W) Everton

Age: 21

Orientation: Queer

Occupation: Perpetual Mind Wanderer (a.k.a, Student; Bristol Community College enrolled in Deaf Studies)

Identities: Ally, male, POC, bilingually raised/soon-to-be-trilingual, helper, straight edge, partner, activist, student, survivor, tattoo’d, pierced, socialist, ex-cutter, trans, friend, husband, hearie, gimpy, feminist.

My Goal (Or So-Called Mission Statement For This Blog): I’ve been told that I should be more vocal on the intarwebz/internets, because I apparently have a lot of good ideas and points. I don’t know about “good”, but I imagine most make some sort of sense and perhaps others can appreciate. I want to serve as a conduit of activism, and to inspire rabble-rousing everywhere.
“I personally would like to take a bit of Howard Zinn’s DNA, make a clone, and by the time the apocalypse comes he is of age and I’d fuck him.” – Me

“I think I’d fuck Noam Chomsky, have his love child, and that child will punch Peter Singer in his fucking jaw.” – Me


“Does this cloth smell like chloroform to you?” – Patton Oswalt

image made by me, via icanhazacheezburger


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