History Professors: The Good, The Bad, and The Absent-Minded


I am doing work study right now for a professor at BCC, and basically being the tutor center’s cheerleader. I know this professor teaches history, and it never ceases to amaze me the rather stereotypical spectrum that exists in higher education. These are my observations of typical history teachers, regardless of level of education (elementary, middle/junior, high school, or college), I have seen these archetypes around throughout my lifetime. They probably will still exist, and if so, help us Goddess.

The Outright Racist – Lvl. 1

Basically loves American History books, especially if they are McGraw-Hill or something, and blazes right past slavery because it happened so long ago lets not dwell on it ’cause all them people want is reparations anyway. How did they get to college, oh, probably a sports scholarship because that’s all they are good for unless they are Asian and then they are good at them computers and maths stuff. …Do I really need to keep going?

The Supposed White Liberal – Lvl. 2

This archetype of History professors is unique; they think they are liberal, but when actually having to deal with the presence of POC and under-privileged individuals, they go absolutely bonkers. Many have I seen basically spew out eugenic rhetoric as if it were fact, and would make Mengele giggle like a school girl. They often typically say “You poor brave soul.” “So tell us about your culture.” “Your people have made it so far in life.” or sing a spiritual like Swing Low Sweet Chariot or something to these students, and I am typically in the front seat curled in fetal position rocking back and forth saying “There’s no place like home.”

To be continued…


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