History Professors Part Deux


For the beginning, refer below or here.

The Absent-Minded Professor – Lvl. 3

He’s the one that collects the papers and tests, and forgets to tell you what you scored on it. Let’s face it, you could have spelled Incan like you were your cat walking across the keyboard and he’d give you an A. His mind is really not on the lecture but probably on which work study students he can make clean his office while he writes his infamous research paper on ancient sterilization methods or something as equally obscure.

The Epic – Lvl. 4

The hardass. He cuts the lecture with his sarcastic “The world is going to fucking end anyway according to the Mayans” after every other note he scribbles on the board (which is very The Beautiful Mind, by the way). He knows about six different languages and only gives a shit about 3, and owns more books than your crappy bachelor dissertation’s works cited page will ever have. He knows his shit, knows he knows his shit, and teaches it passionately unless you sit in the back with your iPod buds in your ears, which is when he will probably blow your ass out of the classroom.

To be honest, I’ve never witnessed Lvl. 4. I assume it’d be me. Ha!


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