No Redundant Phrases Zone


I find it funny that upon wondering what my first post should be about, I find that wordpress offers a sort of “spellcheck” on…redundant phrases. So the cat got my tongue and wondered if it was a stretch of the imagination to wonder if this was impeding on freedom of speech. Or something along those lines.

So what am I about? Well, I am a passionate ally, an anti-racism/anti-oppression, environmental, civil/human rights, deaf and disability rights, immigrant/refugee rights, worker/union, socialist, anarchist, insert any other ist, and all around vigilante activist. I have always been a do-er rather than a talker, so doing an actual blog of my thoughts/theories/rants seems rather odd. And unnatural, perhaps. I connected this to my facebook, which most of my statuses are pointing out the fallacies of capitalist Man oppressionist agenda.

Most will complain that I have bad English. Au contraire, mes ami, I simply make up new words because current words in English just can’t satisfy my intellectual threshold. That sounded rather pompous, but I thought I’d begin posting with a small vote of confidence [see: ego] in order to curb stomp folks and take names later.


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