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So, in my head, The Man is an entity that can only be captured by the one thing from childhood    that taught me  how much it sucked to be in debt or go straight to jail and sit patiently for that luxury tax. That cartoon was Mr. Money Bags. Today he still threatens the corners […]

For the beginning, refer below or here. The Absent-Minded Professor – Lvl. 3 He’s the one that collects the papers and tests, and forgets to tell you what you scored on it. Let’s face it, you could have spelled Incan like you were your cat walking across the keyboard and he’d give you an A. […]

I am doing work study right now for a professor at BCC, and basically being the tutor center’s cheerleader. I know this professor teaches history, and it never ceases to amaze me the rather stereotypical spectrum that exists in higher education. These are my observations of typical history teachers, regardless of level of education (elementary, […]

I find it funny that upon wondering what my first post should be about, I find that wordpress offers a sort of “spellcheck” on…redundant phrases. So the cat got my tongue and wondered if it was a stretch of the imagination to wonder if this was impeding on freedom of speech. Or something along those […]