So I purchased my first copy of The Community Manifesto, the Haymarket Books publishing company edition. It is edited by Phil Gaspar with a whole bunch of annotations, pieces of other writings from Marx and Engels, and great historical information. So early reading into it, barely touching the Manifesto itself, I am awash with ideas and revelations.

Why is it Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck spread false information about how immigrants and “illegal aliens” are stealing jobs and money from the working class a.k.a Regular Joes? Why do they suddenly care about the working class, when in fact they could sip Mai Tai’s next to their deluxe pool?

Simple: You control the working class, you sway the vote.

Historically, the “poor whites” or working blue collar whites had jobs that made wages. Slaves, typically Black or Native American, worked for nothing. Post Civil-War, oh look, now THEY can get wages! Why do THEY get to take OUR money? This separation of who is a legitimate worker/working class is the start of the divisions that the bourgeois or elite class wants to establish. By creating or instilling fear on the original workers, thus isolating the new People of Color workers, Capitalism can remain. Think of it: capitalism was on the rise due to colonialism and slavery. In fact, it was the most fundamental piece in capitalism. The white workers who were working well and had demand of the job market until Post-Civil War now felt outsourced to cheaper labor. This creates resentment, and racial tensions. (As long as there is racism, I believe, there will be capitalism and the attempt of power/control). Historically, any out sourcing is done to people of color or countries that are (because of racism) poor.

Outsourcing is a huge subject right now, and somehow we blame the country or people within that country for the problem. Never do we wag our finger at the big company, no. Wal-Mart can exploit Chinese workers who basically make a penny a day with bunk-bed dorm rooms the size of a modern closet, but it’s those “damn chinese folk who are takin’ our jobs”. Marx and Engels had a similar parallel when addressing the Irish/English issue; England took over Ireland and outsourced a lot of work to Irish workers. This angered English workers, and the Irish workers didn’t like being taken over. But they hated each other. Why? They weren’t pointing the finger at the English government, but at one another. How did this happen?

It happened because of antagonism from the press. The media played up the tensions, spread rumors, stereotypes, and whatnot about each other. And who controls the media? Oh yeah, the government. The government made up of elite class/bourgeoisie. They do this so there can’t be a unification of the working classes. If these workers actually united, they’d be a greater force and a lot harder to fight. So to maintain that division, hatred, racism, and fear of each other, the  government/capitalist/bourgeoisie use propaganda and scare tactics that are to racist, ethnocentric, and downright classist. So by utilizing propaganda, there can never really be a revolution.


So, in my head, The Man is an entity that can only be captured by the one thing from childhood    that taught me  how much it sucked to be in debt or go straight to jail and sit patiently for that luxury tax. That cartoon was Mr. Money Bags. Today he still threatens the corners of my mind whenever I see another headline, how companies are getting bail outs, and how much capitalistic cock our country is sucking. Look at him: he’s white, older, rich and owns pretty much everything in the board game and reality. He’s even on the fucking money! It’s rather sadistic that America puts out a game that reflects so much of the unjust reality for people below this standard (white, male, rich). So thank you, social injustice, for ruining my childhood. Can we please get rid of the monocle now?

For the beginning, refer below or here.

The Absent-Minded Professor – Lvl. 3

He’s the one that collects the papers and tests, and forgets to tell you what you scored on it. Let’s face it, you could have spelled Incan like you were your cat walking across the keyboard and he’d give you an A. His mind is really not on the lecture but probably on which work study students he can make clean his office while he writes his infamous research paper on ancient sterilization methods or something as equally obscure.

The Epic – Lvl. 4

The hardass. He cuts the lecture with his sarcastic “The world is going to fucking end anyway according to the Mayans” after every other note he scribbles on the board (which is very The Beautiful Mind, by the way). He knows about six different languages and only gives a shit about 3, and owns more books than your crappy bachelor dissertation’s works cited page will ever have. He knows his shit, knows he knows his shit, and teaches it passionately unless you sit in the back with your iPod buds in your ears, which is when he will probably blow your ass out of the classroom.

To be honest, I’ve never witnessed Lvl. 4. I assume it’d be me. Ha!

I am doing work study right now for a professor at BCC, and basically being the tutor center’s cheerleader. I know this professor teaches history, and it never ceases to amaze me the rather stereotypical spectrum that exists in higher education. These are my observations of typical history teachers, regardless of level of education (elementary, middle/junior, high school, or college), I have seen these archetypes around throughout my lifetime. They probably will still exist, and if so, help us Goddess.

The Outright Racist – Lvl. 1

Basically loves American History books, especially if they are McGraw-Hill or something, and blazes right past slavery because it happened so long ago lets not dwell on it ’cause all them people want is reparations anyway. How did they get to college, oh, probably a sports scholarship because that’s all they are good for unless they are Asian and then they are good at them computers and maths stuff. …Do I really need to keep going?

The Supposed White Liberal – Lvl. 2

This archetype of History professors is unique; they think they are liberal, but when actually having to deal with the presence of POC and under-privileged individuals, they go absolutely bonkers. Many have I seen basically spew out eugenic rhetoric as if it were fact, and would make Mengele giggle like a school girl. They often typically say “You poor brave soul.” “So tell us about your culture.” “Your people have made it so far in life.” or sing a spiritual like Swing Low Sweet Chariot or something to these students, and I am typically in the front seat curled in fetal position rocking back and forth saying “There’s no place like home.”

To be continued…

I find it funny that upon wondering what my first post should be about, I find that wordpress offers a sort of “spellcheck” on…redundant phrases. So the cat got my tongue and wondered if it was a stretch of the imagination to wonder if this was impeding on freedom of speech. Or something along those lines.

So what am I about? Well, I am a passionate ally, an anti-racism/anti-oppression, environmental, civil/human rights, deaf and disability rights, immigrant/refugee rights, worker/union, socialist, anarchist, insert any other ist, and all around vigilante activist. I have always been a do-er rather than a talker, so doing an actual blog of my thoughts/theories/rants seems rather odd. And unnatural, perhaps. I connected this to my facebook, which most of my statuses are pointing out the fallacies of capitalist Man oppressionist agenda.

Most will complain that I have bad English. Au contraire, mes ami, I simply make up new words because current words in English just can’t satisfy my intellectual threshold. That sounded rather pompous, but I thought I’d begin posting with a small vote of confidence [see: ego] in order to curb stomp folks and take names later.

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